pirates_intro“And it’s not just women who love pirates,” he continued, “it’s everybody, children on up, back to olden times.  It’s always been that way. Why does everybody always like pirates?  Why do you suppose that is?”

Captain Charles Johnson, from Pirate’s Passage

Buccaneers' camp on Tortuga.

Buccaneers’ camp on Tortuga, early 1600’s.

Morgan's buccaneering squadron sailing to attack Panama 1670
Captain Morgan’s fleet at night, 1670


Captain Charles Morgan entering the infamous pirate capital of Port Royal, Jamaica, 1671,  hailed by just everybody, especially taverners, brothel owners, prostitutes, and all others who had benefited from the wealth that was being spread around without having had to face cannonballs.


Captain William Kidd at Isle St. Marie, Madagascar 1698. The headquarters of of the Western pirates in the Indian Ocean is reconstructed from contemporary descriptions at the time Kidd and his crew visited there.

A social evening at anchor in Sam Bellamy's cabin.
A social evening at anchor in Sam Bellamy’s cabin, 1720.


Nassau Town, Bahamas, the Pirates’ Nest,1717. From historical accounts and Gilkerson’s sketches made on site, the artist recreates a view of the pirates’ tent city as seen from the old fort guarding the western approaches.

Bartholomew Rogers' last battle; with HMS Swallow.
Bartholomew Roberts’  last battle; with HMS Swallow, 1772
John Paul Jones' Bonne Homme Richard engages HMS Serapis; frigate Alliance in background.
John Paul Jones’ Bonne Homme Richard engages HMS Serapis; frigate Alliance in background, September 1778.